The quality of the chemical ingredients, APIs and excipients that make up pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products is essential to the overall success of a drug. For over five decades, Spectrum Chemical has developed the experience, expertise and quality systems to ensure that products will meet FDA or other quality standards.

Spectrum Chemical has the right chemistry backed by quality control.

Our quality control team of more than 30 chemists and technicians perform over 20,000 tests each year in our ISO 9001-2015 in-house, certified testing facilities in California, New Jersey and Shanghai. This ensures safe ingredients for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products.

Our New Brunswick, NJ Corporate headquarters contains 200,000 sq ft of manufacturing, laboratory and warehousing space. This facility features CFR 210/211 cGMP biopharma standard packaging capabilities and is FDA registered. This facility is also the site of our Pharmacy Division, Spectrum Pharmacy Products.

With over 125,000 sq ft of manufacturing, laboratory and warehousing space, our ISO 9001-2015-certified Gardena, CA facility is also FDA and DEA registered.


Tests routinely performed in our quality control laboratories:

Instrumental Analysis

  • Atomic Absorption
  • FTIR
  • Fluorescence
  • Gas Chromatography
  • ICP/MS (Trace elemental analysis: compliance with USP <232>/<233>)
  • Potentiometric Measurements (pH and ISE)
  • More: Proteomic Imaging, Refractive Index, Rotational Viscosity, Specific and Optical Rotation, UV/Vis Spectroscopy, Melting Point, Karl Fischer Titration

Microbial Testing (Biopharma)

  • Differentiate Bacterial Colonies
  • DNase
  • RNase
  • Protease
  • Endotoxin by LAL
  • Total Plate Count
  • Yeast and Mold
  • Specified Organisms

Wet Chemistry

  • Residue on Ignition
  • Loss on Drying
  • Heavy Metals
  • Iodine Value
  • Residue on Evaporation
  • Colorimetric Analysis
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • Solvent Extraction Techniques
  • Titrimetry (Acidimetric, Complexometric and Redox)

Scientific Documentation - So Much More than a CofA​

Spectrum offers over 600 professionally prepared dossiers on its USP chemicals available for download. This documentation is essential for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and specific products that require special testing/certification for bioburden, elemental impurities or endotoxins. Spectrum offers more than a dozen standard tests and certifications and can provide custom testing upon request. Providing such documentation on downstream production chemicals and materials used during pilot and scale-up phases mitigates manufacturer’s financial and market risk by avoiding down time, or sourcing issues as a product moves through the development process.

Extensive Scientific Documentation and QC Support

  • Product Specification​
  • Safety Data Sheet​
  • Manufacturing Process Flowchart​
  • Certification of Quality Management Systems​
  • Product BSE/TSE Statement​
  • Product Allergen Statement​
  • Product Aflatoxin Statement​
  • General Label Information​
  • Product Certificate of Analysis Sample​
  • General Lot Numbering System Guidance​
  • Stability/Shelf Life Guidance​
  • Kosher and Halal Statements

Make Spectrum Chemical part of your Quality Management System

Customer Needs

  • Eliminate unpredictability​
  • Reduce reworks​
  • Speed time to market​
  • Prevent product inconsistency ​
  • Ensure reliable performance​
  • Streamline product onboarding ​
  • Address formulation-related questions​
  • Conduct audits and review audit reports 

QC Program Delivery​

  • Documented process and technical support to address non-conformance​
  • Change control, product specifications management, supply chain transparency ​
  • QA “ticket” process to identify and address documentation or production issues among suppliers​
  • Lead time management  ​
  • Custom packaging

Quality Matters:  Regulatory Compliance and Auditing​

Spectrum makes an ongoing effort to make compliance as easy as possible. Customers seeking to purchase sensitive, regulated or controlled items will be asked to provide appropriate credentials. For some products, we will request additional intended use information to meet regulatory or product stewardship obligations. Please help us to ship your order as soon as possible by providing required information and document expeditiously. 

Spectrum Chemical hosts audits for customers.  Please contact our Quality Assurance department to arrange an in-house or virtual audit.

Quality Assurance: quality_assurance@szdcr168.com

USA / Canada: 1-800-772-8786

Regulatory Compliance and Forms

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About Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp.

At Spectrum Chemical, we are a certified women’s business enterprise (WBE) and leverage more than 50 years of expertise in sourcing, QC testing and packaging to meet the needs of organizations in highly regulated industries.

More than 250 Spectrum Chemical employees work together across three worldwide locations. We offer more than 45,000 chemicals in laboratory, scale-up and bulk quantities, as well as more than 60,000 supplies, equipment and PPE consumables. In all, we represent 250 manufacturers and serve 120 industries in 70 countries.

We know that our products are only a good as the analytical tests and documentation prove them to be. That’s why we conduct in-house QC testing by lot to safeguard quality at each of our facilities and provide extensive regulatory and scientific documentation to ensure compliance. We also offer change control, lot traceability and supply chain transparency to eliminate unpredictability. Meanwhile, products are manufactured, packaged and stored under cGMP in FDA-registered and inspected facilities.

With our diverse product portfolio and relentless focus on quality, we deliver security of supply to minimize risk and raw material variability, as well as offer highly personalized service and practical consultations to earn your trust and exceed expectations.